Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Soon, most of Goa’s earth will be deposited in China"

"The environment devastation caused by mining in Goa and the unbridled acceleration of ore extraction propelled by the China demand in the last five years cannot escape anyone". Former director of Panos Institute’s Asia Regional Programmes, London-based Carmen Miranda’s crusading environmental activism has seen her in the forefront of global campaigns in eco hotspots from Bangladesh to Nepal, Indonesia, Pakistan and India, among others.

"If we are not careful, in the near future, people will have to go to China to visit Goa, as most of our land will be deposited there, leaving just a hole in the ground in Goa. What angers me is the attitude of the Goa government and mining lobby, who think that they have a God-given right to destroy everyone else’s way of life and resources in Goa for the benefit of China and a handful of extremely rich mining barons".

See interview with Devika Sequeira, Deccan Herald

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