Friday, April 8, 2011

Knew you were blind, PM Manmohan Singh

Dear Prime Minister

We knew you were blind when you professed undying love for George Bush from our side. We did not love him. We knew you were blind when you wanted to sign the nuclear deal when we didn’t. We knew you were blind when you let all the scams happen and did not see anything wrong with what was happening. We knew you were blind to Bhopal, to the injustice, to the suffering. We knew you were blind to the fact that Prithviraj Chavan quoted Monsanto’s leaflets to you. We know this blindness Mr. Prime Minister. You have made a sport out of it at CWG and played hockey with it along with Kalmadi. And we know you probably cannot see the great man Anna Hazare. And the rising tide of people. We know you think it must be the noise of another protest that you can safely ignore. And get back to hearing what the hotline to America says, instead.

But let us ask you this question, for once.What have you got to lose? Why not become a hero of the country and join the fight against corruption? Why not usher in a new India? We still don’t want to believe that you cannot really see that this country has had enough of corruption. For one last time, come out stand up for your country. Our country.

It's called India, in case you're wondering.

Courtesy: The Great Indian Clearance Sale

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