Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Zero Nuclear Weapons

My take: The video below is good in that it raises concerns, but i wish there would be some focus on the biggest nuke power of them all, the United States. As long as there is an imbalance in perception, smaller powers are going to follow the same path: what works for the big is good for me kind of logic!

ICAN note on the video: Events this month have provided a stark reminder that nuclear weapons are a present-day threat, not a problem of the past. From the bombing of nuclear scientists in Iran to the direct threat of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula, it has been a disturbing close to the decade. The growing risk of nuclear proliferation and use should lead decision-makers to an obvious conclusion: these weapons must urgently be outlawed and abolished. The approach of arms control and incremental steps is failing. We need a comprehensive disarmament treaty that establishes the same basic standard for all countries: zero nuclear weapons. This short video is a reminder of the dangerous times we live in. And it is an urgent call to action.

watch the video

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